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Current Affairs on NOV, 2018

(1). Who is the present Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission?
A. Arvind Saxena
B. Vinay Mittal
C. Alka Sirohi
D. David R. Syiemlieh
(2). Who is the present Chief Election Commissioner?
A. Nasim Zaidi
B. Sunil Arora
C. Achal Kumar Jyoti
D. Om Prakash Rawat
(3). 13th G-20 summit takes place at?
A. London
B. Buenos Aires
C. Ottawa
D. Paris
(4). Indian Constitution was adopted on?
A. 26 January 1950
B. 26 November 1949
C. 10 May 1951
D. 26 January 1948
(5). PAiSA portal designed and developed by?
A. Allahabad Bank
B. Canara Bank of India
C. Indian Bank of India
D. State Bank of India
(6). EURAXESS Science Slam India award won by?
A. Prabahan Chakraborty
B. Priyanka Dasgupta
C. Damanbha Lyngdoh
D. Souvik Mandal
(7). India-UAE Strategic Conclave 2018 to be held in?
A. New Delhi
B. Abu Dhabi
C. Mumbai
D. Sharjah
(8). Jaitapur nuclear power plant is in which state?
A. Maharashtra
B. Rajasthan
C. Karnataka
D. Gujarat
(9). "SHe-Box" is a online portal to?
A. Report complaints of Sexual Harassment at Workplace
B. Report complaints of Sexual Harassment at Public
C. Report complaints of Sexual Harassment in Sports coaching
D. None of the above
(10). Subroto Cup is related to?
A. Cricket
B. Hockey
C. Foot Ball
D. Table Tennis
(11). Universal Children's Day celebrated on?
A. November 14
B. November 17
C. November 19
D. November 20
(12). 49th International Film Festival begins at?
A. New Delhi
B. Goa
C. Mumbai
D. Guwahati
(13). Which airport won the AirSewa Champion award?
A. Bengaluru Airport
B. Delhi Airport
C. Mumbai Airport
D. Chennai Airport
(14). Qaumi Ekta Week also known as?
A. National Nutrition Week
B. National Volunteer Week
C. National Police Week
D. National Integration Week
(15). 6th schedule of the Constitution deals with?
A. Allocation of seats in the Council of States
B. Administration and Control of Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes
C. List of recognized languages
D. Administration of Tribal Areas in the States of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram
(16). Press Council of India formed in?
A. 1966
B. 1968
C. 1970
D. 1972
(17). 16th Handicraft Trade Fair recently held at?
A. Thimphu
B. Kathmandu
C. New Delhi
D. Colombo
(18). The severe cyclonic storm "Gaja‟ crossed through the coast of?
A. Tamilnadu & Puducherry
B. Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu
C. Kerala & Karnataka
D. Andhra Pradesh & Odisha
(19). World Philosophy Day is observed on?
A. Every 3rd Thursday of November
B. Every 3rd Wednesday of November
C. Every 3rd Tuesday of November
D. Every 3rd Monday of November
(20). The Indian Army and Japanese Army completed their joint military exercise, "DHARMA GUARDIAN‟ – 2018 at?
A. Visakhapatnam
B. Cochin
C. Himachal Pradesh
D. Mizoram
(21). World Diabetes Day (WDD) is celebrated on?
A. November 12
B. November 13
C. November 14
D. November 15
(22). EXERCISE INDRA 2018 between ___________ and ___________
A. India and China
B. Indian and Japan
C. India and Russia
D. India and Bangladesh
(23). Recently India Won T20 Series against ________________
A. Srilanka
B. Windies
C. Afghanistan
D. Zimbabwe
(24). November 10th is International Accounting Day in honour of?
A. Pythagoras
B. Archimedes
C. Srinivasa Ramanujan
D. Luca Pacioli
(25). NASA‟s Ralph is set to explore?
A. Sun's corona
B. Jupiter‟s Trojan asteroids
C. Van Allen radiation belts
D. Uranus and Neptune

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